SMS Banking

On the Technology Services, Bank has successfully implemented the Core Banking Solution (CBS)With the help of ASP agreement with TJSB co-operative bank. Bank is sharing TJSB Data center and Disaster Recovery site which helped us to migrate all the Branches at Data Center. It will also help to provide various services to our customers by multiple delivery channels such as ATM, SMS, ABB Banking. This has brought the Bank at par with the leading Banks.

Keep a watch on your account with our round the clock SMS Banking service. Every debit or credit in your account is intimated to you by an SMS as soon as it happens. Be in a smart position to detect any un-authorised access to your account.
Be alert.

Safety: Every debit and credit above a certain amount is intimated to you.
• Stay updated on your account transactions anywhere in India.
• Convenience: No waiting queues at ATM / Counter to check your account.
• TimeSaving: No traveling to branches or ATMs to keep track of your account.
• Updates: Get automatic updates on bill payments and scheduled payments on your cell.
• Accessibility: Avail of this service from anywhere in the India, even on the move.

Customers of the Shree Mahavir Sahakari Bank shall be eligible and allowed to use the facilities only after his/ her/ their application.

Yes, this service is secure. You will first have to register for this service and ensure your latest mobile number is updated with the Bank. Your mobile number will be linked to your individual account(s). Please note that at this moment, the service is restricted to enquiry functions on accounts and is not applicable for funds transfer between accounts.

Please do not store sensitive account information on your phone or reveal to anyone.

If customer Changes the Mobile number he / she has to again register the new mobile number

SMS banking services are operated using both push and pull messages. Push messages are those that the bank chooses to send out to a customer's mobile phone, without the customer initiating a request for the information. As mentioned in features alerts. Following are the Alerts initiated.

1 Transaction SMS
SMS will be sent to customers about any Debit or Credit transaction happening in their accounts (other than ATM transactions) as per the limit defined on transaction amount. 2 Inward / Outward Return SMS will be sent to customers about Inward & Outward clearing Cheque returned
3 SMS Registration
SMS will be sent to customers for acknowledging registration of services.
4 ATM Transactions
SMS will be sent to customers for withdrawn cash on ATM.

Pull messages are those that are initiated by the customer, using a mobile phone, for obtaining information in the bank account.

Under SMS Banking following facilities are offered to the Customers.

SMS Formats for Transactions

SMS Banking Number - 9243000111
e.g. SBAL SB 370
e.g. LST3 SB 180
e.g. FCHQ 123456 SB 345