National Electronic Fund Transfer

    In this payment system instructions between banks are processed and settled on batch to batch basis at fixed times during the day. There is no minimum or maximum stipulated transaction value for using this facility. The Special feature of this system is that it is available in Nepal also.
Note :
NEFT systems work on all days except on Sunday and national holidays across the states.
 Beneficiary's Information Required for transfer of funds:
     Name of the beneficiary
     Account Number of the beneficiary
     Amount to be remitted
     Name of the beneficiary bank,branch and its IFSC
     Sender to receiver information, if any
RTGS NEFT & Tax Challan Charges W.E.F. 01.12.2015 As per B.O.D. Dated 30.11.2015  With Resolution No 09
Charges ::
Details Pervious Charges Modified Charges
NEFT upto Rs. 2,00,000 Rs 50 + S.T Rs. 25 + S.T. + SBCESS
RTGS Above Rs. 2,00,000 Rs 100 + S.T Rs. 50 + S.T. + SBCESS
TAX Challann upto Rs. 1,00,000 Rs 100 + S.T Rs. 50 + S.T. + SBCESS
Above Rs. 1,00,000 Rs 200 + S.T Rs. 50 + S.T. + SBCESS
Timingsss ::
Monday to Saturday 11.00am to 3.00pm
  For further details contact your nearest branch